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Yvonne Gonschorek is a prophetic speaker and a voice through which God delivers the message of hope to both individuals and the Church at this significant time. Through faith-filled prophetic sermons, teachings, and prophetic healing, followed by signs, miracles, and wonders, she is a witness to how God's love changes many people's lives. As a mentor in Christian life, Yvonne guides people through various topics such as recognizing and walking in their Christian calling and communicating with God.
She is the author of several Christian books and booklets, including " For God's Glory - Signs, Miracles, and Wonders"
Yvonne is also one of the founders and chairperson of  Favour Förderverein e.V., an organization whose aim is to support needy families and communities. The same organization is also actively involved in the integration of migrants living in Germany.

With my pen I would like to invite you to accompany me on my journey with the Lord through books and also through my blog. Orally or in writing, I share a lot based on my Christian life experiences.


I hope that you will relate to my Christian lifestyle and create your own as you look up to Jesus.


My Favorite Quote & Bible Verse: My life is “a book” to be seen and read to encourage encouragement so that they “... taste and see how kind the Lord is; good to him who trusts in him! " (Psalm 34: 8)


Mine is a walked talk...

Yvonne Gonschorek

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